RAG Campaign Setting

RAG – The Royal Adventurers’ Guild

A New World awaits those hardy adventurers brave (or foolish) enough to board His Majesty’s finest ship and set sail for a new land. The King has re-chartered the old Royal Adventurers’ Guild of his grandmother’s reign for the purpose of exploring the wilderness beyond the colony established a generation ago in the land beyond the rising sun.

With dozens of brave adventurers, this time the Guild is sure to outlast the previous effort and succeed in taming the rugged land bringing glory to their names!

The Colony

“There Be Monsters” – many a good mapmaker futilely warns his customers but no one ever listens. Perhaps they should just stop making the maps…

The colony will serve as a base of operations for the adventurers seeking fame and fortune in the wilderness beyond its fortifications. Little is known of the wilds beyond its walls except that it is deadly and full of beasts that want to eat the characters. No one in their right mind would willingly travel through The Gate. There isn’t even a map available of what lies beyond.

The colony is a small but adequately supplied and defended town. It has little to no crime problems since the punishment for most crime is exile beyond The Gate and into the Wilderness.

But the colony’s Governor does not have enough resources to waste on dangerous expeditions. But he is glad to have the assistance of the brave Royal Adventurers Guild! Perhaps some of them might live long enough to be rewarded for their service.

 Once out in the wild, the players will be on their own with little or no hope of rescue except maybe their comrades in the Guild. Death will come to visit Player Characters [PCs] and leave with a smile on its skull.

RAG Campaign Style and Goals

Face to Face [F2F] Role playing games [RPG] are a great excuse to be social and have some good old fashioned dice rolling adventures. But for most players, the demands of family, work, and other social commitments have made it difficult to stay involved in a long term RPG campaign.

Drop in and drop out groups of players

The goal of the RAG campaign is mimic the ‘ad hoc’ group nature of online MMORPG guilds, while still meeting in person as little or as much as any one player can manage. If any one player can only play once a month (or even less), that’s fine. The players themselves organize and schedule the adventures with the GameMaster [GM] from a large available pool of potential group mates based on who is available for any specific date. The group meets in person with the GM to adventure out from the safe fortified town into the wilderness with the goal of returning back to the town by the end of the session. This allows for each week’s expedition to be made up of entirely different players and their characters.

Information sharing and collective achievements

The players are collectively trying to ‘level up the Guild’ as well as achieve their own individual objectives as characters. The RAG has commitments and obligations which affect the status and ability of its members to continue to work towards their long term character goals. Even if a particular player was only able to play in one session, that player might be crucial in deciphering a vital clue or in defeating a difficult monster that leads to other victories for the Guild.

Because of the ad hoc nature of organizing players to participate in a gaming session, players will likely be adventuring with different players session to session. Information sharing is <u>key</u>. The average player will only be in a fraction of the game sessions so every player’s success will be dependent upon the RAG membership as a whole. Knowing that last week’s expedition ‘discovered’ (i.e. ran bravely and swiftly away from) powerful Hill Trolls east of the Red Woods could help next week’s expedition avoid a total party wipeout.

RAG Campaign Rules

1.       Be Excellent To Each Other. All players need to respect each other, the GM, guests and any host of a location at all times. While the goal is to have fun, it is everyone’s responsibility to help keep the game flowing with minimal other distractions or problems so that players who are there to play the game can do so successfully.

2.       The Players Shall Be Self Organizing. The goal is to organize an Expedition’s day/time/location at least 3 days in advance of the game session (preference is 5 to 7 days advance notice). Expeditions must specify at least a general direction if not a specific goal for assisting the GM in preparing a good adventure in advance.

Expeditions should be organized on the RAG forums so that every RAG Player has a chance to participate or at least follow along.

Example Expedition Thread:

[Player John, a Fighter]: I’m available to play on Thursday after work from 6pm to 10pm at TAS office location. I’d like to head out North to try to get beyond the Black Fog Hills and find that Temple the last Expedition heard about. Who’s interested and available?

[Player Tom, a Cleric]: I’m also available Thursday. But with the map I found I think we should head North into the Red Woods instead. Either way I’m on board!

Other players might suggest a different direction to explore, or even an alternate date or time or location for the session.

Information should also be shared with all members of the Guild on the common website. Suggestions include player created maps, Expedition stories and summaries, character descriptions, etc. No one is forced to spend time compiling notes and enhancing the stories of the RAG. Some players will avoid this and some will enjoy it. It’s entirely up to the players to discover the world around them and to help each other have fun.

3.       Games Are Excuses To Be Social. Players are welcome to invite their family and friends to join the Royal Adventurers’ Guild even if only for a single session. Have a relative from out of town that might have fun on an adventure? An Expedition could always use more cannon fodder! There will always be a library of pre-generated characters available for one-time players to pick up and jump in the action.

The style of this campaign allows for players to join up and have fun as often as they can. The goal is to have some face to face fun. But Rule #1 always applies.

4.       Rule Lawyers Spoil The Fun. Game system is of the GM’s choice to enable him to provide a quality experience. While suggestions and questions are welcomed, Rule Lawyers are not. The Rules of the RPG system are there to enable fun not to enforce a simulation. While the GM can and will make mistakes, it is his job to fix them as well. Of course, rules are also to help the players understand the game and to make meaningful and informed choices. The GM pledges to make every effort to be consistent and impartial.

5.       Too Many Players Can Spoil the Spoils. Expeditions should consist of at least 3 players and no more than 6 (with a few exceptions for specific purposes and limited duration). Too few and the wilderness might be too tough. Too many and it might be too difficult to keep all the players involved in the session. There certainly can and hopefully will be some large gatherings of the Guild encouraged but standard Expeditions will be easiest to manage and most fun for all present if the group size is kept consistent.



Royal Adventurers' Guild